Your Brain Is Starved Of These Nutrients. Time To Feed It.

The human brain is a magnificent specimen. Although it typically only weighs about two to three pounds, the brain consumes up to 50% of the body’s daily nutrients and “requires constant nourishment from the cardiovascular system.” It requires a constant supply of blood, to the tune of one quart per minute bring a steady flow of nutrients to it.

As we all know, our entire body works in unison to function, and in order for each system to continue to work optimally, a steady stream of both macronutrients and micronutrients is needed.

We get our macronutrients (proteins, fats, and carbohydrates) from the foods we eat and our body produces some of the micronutrients that it needs. However, there are nearly 30 vitamins and minerals that our bodies either cannot produce or cannot produce in the quantity that it needs, and those are called “essential micronutrients.”

Our Brains Need Micronutrients. Here’s How To Get Them.

In a perfect world, our diet would supply our bodies with the essential micronutrients that it needs, but this world is far from perfect. With the continuing trend of normalcy with processed foods and other unhealthy diet options–70% of the average American diet is highly processed foods–our typical way of eating is entirely lopsided: full of macronutrients but lacking when it comes to micronutrients.

This lack of sufficient amounts of micronutrients from our diet then starts affecting not only our overall health but specifically our mental health as well. Research has shown that a lack of micronutrients has a direct relationship with an increased risk of mental health issues, especially depression.

So if our body can’t produce the “essential micronutrients” at high enough levels, and the food that we’re eating isn’t giving us the nutrition that our body and brain need either, what can we do?

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