Wound Care is an Inside Job

When you think of a wound, Neosporin and bandaids often jump to the forefront of your mind. But what about amino acids?

“Arginine is a non-essential amino acid that appears to enhance wound repair and immune function. Arginine supplementation in surgical patients results in higher collagen deposition, protein accumulation, and immune activity compared to controls.” ~ nata.org

“Immunonutrition is already known to decrease wound complications, and there is evidence which suggests that in certain circumstances, it improves the process and efficiency of wound healing. Optimizing nutrition and providing immunonutrients in the correct settings may ultimately provide improved clinical outcomes with regard to decreased wound complications, decreased duration of wound healing, and lower clinical costs associated with wound care.” ~ ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

Amino Acids: Wound Care’s Secret Weapon

Amino acids are not just a conversation for gym-goers and muscle-builders. As an article entitled Using Nutrition to Speed Up Surgery Recovery articulates, “whether it’s a knee or hip replacement, tumor removal, or anything in between, one process always happens once the surgery is complete: a doctor cleans and closes the incensions they’ve made. Once that incision is made, your body’s healing process starts. Our bodies are designed to heal any skin and tissue damage that comes our way, if we have the right tools to make it happen. To ensure that your incision heals properly, you’ll want to take a closer look not only at appropriate cleaning and care, but also your nutrition.”

Putting something on top of a wound is engrained; it’s something you learn at a very young age. For children, a bandaid fixes a scrape and boo-boo and a kiss heals a saddened heart. It’s rare that the conversation on combating wounds and healing your body includes a conversation on nutrition and amino acids. In a nutshell, the healthier you are on the inside the more likely you are to heal faster and well on the outside– and this is a conversation that needs to spread like wildfire.

Of the 20 amino acids your body needs, 9 of them, termed essential amino acids, must be obtained through food or supplements. Speaking of amino acids and supplements, none hit a homerun quite like AminoPower Advanced which includes 7 vitamins and 23 free-form amino acids including all essential amino acids.

Beauty starts on the inside. Healing emotionally starts on the inside. So it makes sense that wound care, something directly tied to the body, starts on the inside as well. 

Author: Evelyn Lindell
Certified Health & Wellness Coach