Why Truehope Inositol could help you relax

Do you find yourself lying in bed, unable to sleep? Do you suffer from physical restlessness, tossing and turning all night? Do you have restless leg?

Truehope Inositol may help you sleep better at night.

Truehope Inositol plays an important role as the structural basis for secondary messengers in eukaryotic cells. It’s necessary for the proper nerve, brain, and muscle function. Inositol works in conjunction with folacin, vitamins B6 and B12, choline, betaine, and methionine to promote proper cell function and growth.

Inositol occurs naturally in nuts, beans, and fruit—especially cantaloupe, melons, and oranges—and cereals with high bran content. Doses of 12–18 grams per day have been shown to be effective in double-blind trials as an intervention for depression, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Taking Inositol before going to bed may calm and relax your body, helping you sleep better. You can also take it if you tend to wake up during the night, as it can make it easier to fall back asleep.

Truehope Inositol is derived from non-GMO corn, and it is gluten and additive free. Plus it has few side effects.

Not only is inositol found abundantly in the food we eat, but our body regularly produces it when it digests and processes the carbohydrates we eat. As a result, side effects for inositol are pretty mild, and they typically appear when your body has too much inositol.

The most significant side effects of inositol are nausea and gastrointestinal distress (such as diarrhea); although it may cause headaches and dizziness. Because it also has a calming effect and helps people fall asleep, you may want to avoid inositol for period when you need to stay awake.

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