Why Do Health Supplement Companies Not Want Their Products Studied?

The supplement industry is a billion-dollar industry that is growing day by day. There are literally tens of thousands of nutritional supplements on the market, and thousands more are being added and introduced each year.

However, nutritional supplements are typically not extensively tested and researched before being made available to the general public.

This raises the simple question of why? If you are putting something into your body, you as a consumer should, at a minimum, know that it has been tested for safety and effectiveness.

The Lack of Scientific Studies Behind Nutritional Supplements

Most nutritional supplement companies do not want to have their products scientifically studied. This is because many of these supplements are made as cheaply as possible, and scientific studies will likely find them ineffective due to low quality ingredients.

The companies are preoccupied with profits and do not prioritize their customers’ welfare. The supplements contain ingredients that may have not been tested for safety, purity, or potency, and many supplements contain fillers that are just passed through the body as waste.

Another reason why supplement companies avoid scientific scrutiny is because they do not want their competition to find out exactly what (and at what ratio) they have put in their supplements.

If their competitors know a certain supplement is effective and the company has a unique combination of ingredients, the competitors will try and replicate it.

Finally, another challenge is that the FDA does not heavily regulate nutritional supplements; as such, companies have free rein over the ingredients they use. The FDA usually only gets involved if there is a severe adverse health implication caused by a certain supplement.

Nutritional Supplement Companies You Can Trust

On the other hand, reputable and well-established nutritional companies, such as Truehope and EMPowerplus have been extensively studied in the medical research world.

Truehope customers know that they can trust the products because they have undergone rigorous studies, including scientific clinical trials, and they have produced positive results. Moreover, continuous advancement is regularly carried out on Truehope products to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding–or, more accurately in this case, within the mounds and mounds of scientific research done on EMPowerplus.

Consumers should prioritize investing in trusted supplements that undergo scientific scrutiny to ensure they put only safe and effective ingredients into their bodies.