What do honeybees know that we don’t? Brain Food Matters.

Ask any doctor, and they’ll tell you that their medical school favored a pharmaceutical dialogue when it came to conversations on mental health concerns, not nutrition. And as you know, what you’re taught matters. 

Current Treatments Aren’t Decreasing Mental Health Cases

Like an infomercial salesperson selling a two-for-the-price-of-one deal with the classic “Wait; there’s more!” line, the pharmaceutical companies bombard today’s world with promises of a quick-fix to many ailments. Then, in the few remaining seconds of the advertisement, a fast auctioneer-like voice lists the intense side effects of the drug. Suicidal thoughts, rapid weight gain, and a waterfall of other potential side effects pierce the air, and yet, the drug sells– and it sells well. What this tells us is that many people desperately want to improve their mental health. They’ll risk side effects that may trigger additional health concerns because they want to feel like they’re not just living life in constant survival mode.

If you went to a doctor with an infection and were told that you would need to apply an ointment for the rest of your life so you can tolerate the pain, you’d be outraged and would get a second opinion the same day– you’d demand better. But when it comes to mental health, the world accepts that a life of medication and side effects is acceptable. But what if there was a second opinion, backed up with data, that didn’t welcome adverse side effects and put your mental health in your hands?

You Feed Your Brain, Not Just Your Body

Mental health is something you can improve by feeding your brain the vitamins and minerals it needs to function at its best. No, this doesn’t mean “an apple a day will keep the doctor away.” You can’t make one healthy choice out of fifty and feel like you’re living a nutritionally rich life. The fact that your food and drink choices dictate your mental health should be a wave of relief. Now you have the power to improve your mental health; you don’t have to wait to start living your best life! 

Understanding the gut and brain connection allows you to release the chains of a life that feels out of your control. Nutrients are powerful, both from unprocessed foods and quality nutritional supplements like EMPowerplus Advanced. When you consume the vitamins and minerals your brain needs to function at its best, your talents, decisions, perspective, and mood improve.

Learn From The Honeybees & Feed Yourself Accordingly 

To comprehend the incredible power of nutrients, consider a story about honeybees from the ground-breaking book (The Better Brain, pg. 53). With honeybees, “only a single queen is fertile, and all the rest of the worker bees are sterile. Amazingly, worker bees and queen bees all begin life as genetically identical larvae. What makes them develop into entirely different bees and behave very differently is called a phenotypic difference.  Even more amazing is that the variable that determines the difference between the queen bee and being a plain old worker bee is diet! The colony selects a single larva to be fed a diet high in royal jelly, and that one lucky bee develops ovaries and becomes the queen. Larvae destined to be worker bees are largely fed pollen and nectar, as well as honey.” 

The honeybees represent humans in many ways. Like honeybees change the destined-to-be queen bee by feeding her quality food, humans alter their bodies and brains through the food and beverages they consume.

Once you understand that what you consume feeds your brain, you realize that a diet lacking in essential nutrients ushers in significant consequences. Thus, you play a pivotal role in your mental health. Remember: This isn’t a conversation about whether medication has a place because it does for some. Instead, this is a conversation about how many people could leave the financially straining and questionable medication results behind if only they committed to a life full of the nutrients their body needs.

Author: Evelyn Lindell
Certified Health & Wellness Coach