What Are The Benefits of Nascent Iodine?

We all know that iodine is essential for our health, but did you know that the form of iodine matters too? Nascent iodine is a special form of the element, and it comes with some real benefits for your family’s wellness.

What Is Nascent Iodine?

Nascent iodine is an especially active form of the element, which means it’s able to provide more benefits than regular iodine. It contains atoms that are energized and stabilized by electromagnetic radiation, which makes them easier to absorb in our bodies.

The name “nascent” comes from the Latin word “nascere,” which means “to be born.” This describes what happens when we ingest nascent iodine; it gets activated in our bodies and can then go to work providing us with its unique benefits.

The Benefits of Nascent Iodine

Sufficient levels of iodine increase cell absorption of nutrients, which includes vitamins and minerals. The benefits of nascent iodine are vast and apply to nearly every man, woman and child in North America today.

So what can you expect when you take it? Most people experience increased energy levels as well as improved mental clarity after taking this type of supplementation for eight weeks or longer.

In addition, those who take nascent iodine experience better mood and sleep patterns when taking the supplement. Other potential benefits include better cognitive performance and improved immune system responses.

For those who are pregnant or nursing, nascent iodine can also help ensure proper development in babies.

With all these potential benefits from just one supplement—not to mention it being essential for overall health—nascent iodine is definitely worth considering for you and your family.

Truehope Nascent Iodine Advanced

When it comes to maintaining good health and wellbeing, there are many options out there, but few compare to the power of nascent iodine supplementation. Studies have shown that taking this type of supplement can lead to increased energy levels, improved mental clarity and moods, better sleep patterns, better cognitive performance, and improved immune system responses.

So if you’re looking for ways to keep your family healthy and happy from the inside out, consider adding Nascent Iodine Advanced into your daily routine today!

Truehope’s Nascent Iodine Advanced is created using only the most bioavailable, non-ocean sourced, high grade iodine which goes through a patented process to make a bioidentical form of iodine which the body recognizes, absorbs and utilizes instantly like none other.