To Lunch, or Not to Lunch: This Isn’t a Question or a Debate

The third Friday of June is National Take Back the Lunch Day. Why do you need a national holiday to spotlight the importance of a lunch break, you ask? Consider the following facts:

  • “… employees who take lunch breaks are more likely to report being efficient at work and satisfied with their jobs…”
  • “… nearly 90 percent of employees consider the ability to take a lunch break critical when accepting a new job…”
  • “… the average lunch break is less than 30 minutes for more than half of North American workers…”

Taking a Lunch Break Benefits Employees & Employers

The above statistics make two things clear: the importance of lunch breaks is about more than just preventing a rumbly tummy, and employees and employers gain from lunch breaks taken, not missed. 

Unfortunately, though, Newsroom shares that “more than half of U.S. employees who typically eat lunch during work hours struggle to make it healthy.” The Newsroom statistic indicates that even when employees make time for a lunch break, they’re not making consistent healthy choices.

Experts also point out, “engagement affects productivity, happiness, and job satisfaction.” Successful companies know that engagement at work matters. Lunch breaks are a phenomenal opportunity to engage and bond with coworkers, which, as just mentioned, ties to happiness at work and job satisfaction. Lunch breaks offer a chance to connect with coworkers and to take a much-needed breath in your workday. 

Your Need for Self-Care Doesn’t Take a Timeout During Work

Lunch breaks are an opportunity to practice self-care and to better ensure you’re operating at your best. But while you’re taking your lunch break and keeping your social game on point, don’t ruin your nutritional game. 

Think about if the food and beverage you consume during work lead to an afternoon sugar crash, uncomfortable bloating, or sluggish response to the rest of your day. Yes, it’s ideal to take a lunch break to bond with coworkers and take a breath from the workday, but don’t disregard your nutritional health in the process. Strive to be engaged the entire day. Start your morning with a nutritional supplement like EMPowerplus Advanced, take your lunch break, engage with coworkers, and strive to make dietary decisions that set you up for success.

June may have a day dedicated to taking your lunch break, but one day alone isn’t going to instantly make you feel engaged at work and usher in feelings of job satisfaction and heightened morale. Step away from work for a lunch break that fuels your sense of belonging and importance at work, as well as fuels your health.

Author: Evelyn Lindell
Certified Health & Wellness Coach