The 12-step process Truehope uses to produce quality products

Did you know that the facility that manufactures EMPowerplus meets rigorous processing standards?

Our processing facility is registered with the FDA, and the FDA and the Department of Health and Human Services regular inspect it.

To make sure we produce dependable and safe products, we follow Good Manufacturing Practices found in part 111 of the FDA’s Code of Federal Regulations.

Here is a typical process each ingredient goes through throughout the manufacturing process.

  1. A new batch of one of EMPowerplus’s 36 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, or antioxidants arrives.
  2. We quarantine the new ingredient.
  3. We assay the new ingredient against its certificate of analysis to verify purity and potency.
  4. If it meets specifications, it moves onto the mixing room.
  5. We weigh the new ingredient according to a formula written in the manufactured batch record.
  6. We blend the ingredient with the 35 other ingredients, which have also gone through the first 5 steps, according to instructions in the MBR.
  7. We place the blend in sterile drums.
  8. We transport the drums to separate rooms for encapsulating, tabletting, or bottling.
  9. Our quality control department approves the setup prior to encapsulating, tabletting, or bottle filling according to processes in the MBR.
  10. We extract random samples during manufacturing and test them for weight, length, and disintegration time.
  11. We thoroughly review and verify the finished product using the MBR.
  12. We approve and release it for packaging and shipment.

By following industry standards and internal guidelines, we ensure that every bottle of EMPowerplus you receive is exactly the same as all the others. This ensures you receive a quality, safe, and effective product.