Study says EMPowperplus can reduce psychosis medication

Earlier this month, American researchers published an article in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine showing that EMPowerplus can help reduce the amount of medication people need to use to treat psychotic disorder.

The researchers conducted an open-label trial that was also randomized and controlled to compare the effect EMPowerplus would have on medication use against the effect that no supplementation would have.

They invited 50 mental health patients to participate in the study. 19 of the invitees completed a 1-month open-label trial, during which time they included Truehope EMPowerplus in their medication regimen. However, when it came time for the randomization phase, all 19 dropped out of the study rather than risking being put into the placebo group.

As a result, the researchers recruited an additional 28 patients for the second month of the study. Combined with the 31 patients who declined the initial invitation, it provided a total of 59 participants who took only medication (without EMPowerplus).

What the researchers discovered was that outcomes for both groups were similar for about 15 months, although the EMPowerplus group used significantly less antipsychotic medication during that period. At the 15-month mark, the EMPowerplus group (which took EMPowerplus in conjunction with medication) showed significantly fewer symptoms than the medication only group. The difference between the two groups increased even more by the 24-month mark.

These study results led the researchers to conclude that micronutrients (specifically EMPowerplus) may benefit mental health patients over the long term, allowing them to take smaller doses of their prescribed medications while receiving the same effectiveness but with less side effects.

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