Special Public Forum on Child Protection

On Saturday, May 25, 2019, a public forum will take place on the topic of child protection. In an event flyer, organizers reported that

Tens of thousands of Canadian children and their families are being systematically terrorized, threatened and deprived of their basic human rights at the whim of provincially-mandated child protection agencies, all of which are income-conscious private corporations.

Organizers also announced that attendees will:

  • Hear from families whose children have died or have been neglected, starved, abused, or molested while in CAS custody
  • Hear from lawyers who are fighting and winning these cases
  • Find out what your human rights are
  • Oppose these corrupt agencies
  • Take back your family rights

The event will take place at the Holiday Inn on Petrolia Drive in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. Doors open at noon, and the forum runs from 13:00 to 16:00. Registration is $25.

To find out more or to register, visit protectingcanadianchildren.net.