Rest and relaxation might help with your anxiety

Dealing with anxiety? One technique might be to try finding more time for relaxation.

In 1987, American researchers studied 42 male subjects who had previously indicated experiencing shyness when interacting with females. They were randomly assigned to either a control group or an experimental group.

Both groups participated in two interpersonal performance tests, during which an attractive female was present. Between each test, participants were exposed to either cue-controlled relaxation, a demand-control regimen, or no treatment at all. Researchers measured all participants before and during the tests for arousal, anxiety, and efficacy.

What the researchers discovered was that those participants who went through the cue-controlled relaxation between tests had lowered heart rates and lower skin conductance during the second test compared to their first test.

So, if you find yourself dealing with too much anxiety and stress, check your schedule to see if you can find a bit of time to do something relaxing. Maybe you can go for a walk in the woods, meditate, do some yoga, read a book, visit with close friends, or listen to some music. Or maybe there’s something else that you like to do.