Nutrient Supplements Are Even More Important For Diabetics

Every time the 14th of November rolls around, World Diabetes Day does as well, giving us yet another sad reminder of just how many lives that the disease is affecting worldwide. In the United States alone, there are nearly 27 million diabetics with an estimated 7 million more currently undiagnosed. 

That total of over 34 million Americans equals right around 13% of the total population. In other words, for each of your ten friends and family members, at least one of them is diabetic (on average). 

The really shocking part of this growth in those with diabetes, though, is how much the number just continues to grow year over year. At the start of the new millennium, when the calendar flipped to 2000, just over 9% of the population either had diabetes or was considered “undiagnosed.” That number has steadily grown year over year to get to 13% of the population. 

To put those percentages into a more recognizable format, the number of Americans officially diagnosed with diabetes in the year 2000 was just a tiny bit over 12 million. As mentioned before, that number now stands at 27 million diagnosed diabetic as of 2020.

Nutrient Deficiencies In Diabetics

In addition to the debilitating consequences of high blood sugar in general, diabetes also affects the body in other ways. A recent study found that “Type 2 diabetes is characterized by significant losses of important micronutrients due to metabolic basis of the disease and its complications.”

Additionally, many medications used to help treat diabetes can also cause an increase in the nutrient requirements of the person affected. So not only does the disease itself cause a strain on the nutrient ecosystem of our body, but the medications can as well. 

For the millions of diabetics around the country, it’s essentially a 1-2 punch, and not in a good way. Additionally, nutrient deficiency is often something that is forgotten about when it comes to the doctor-recommended ways of managing diabetes, “even though clinical studies indicate that good nutrient status may slow the progress of the disease.”

Filling The Nutrient Gap

A recent blog we published back in September titled, “The American Diet Is Even Worse Than You May Think” explained exactly what the headline states: the food that most people eat in this country every single day doesn’t even come close to fulfilling the nutrient requirements that our bodies need to flourish.

For diabetics that subscribe to a typical American diet, this is even worse due to the aforementioned increased risk of deficiencies due to the disease. Therefore, it’s even more important for those with diabetes to try their hardest at filling the nutritional gap that exists.

In addition to a (probably) much-needed overhaul of their diet, research by Harvard Medical School continues to support the use of daily multinutrient supplements for “most people,” especially those with chronic diseases such as diabetes.

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