Letters from Generation Rx

If you have doubts about the safety of psychotropic drugs in the treatment of mental health disorder, you must watch this award-winning film by Kevin P. Miller. Letters from Generation Rx powerfully tells the real stories of people whose lives have changed through medication, for the worse. It also highlights Truehope’s mission to change the status quo and empower people with holistic knowledge and solutions.

Watch the film and see for yourself. Then share it with someone else.




“What an important, well made film! With beauty, sensitivity – and horror – Kevin P. Miller has told a story that must be heard by every thinking person in our society. He has portrayed the sad truths in an undeniable, poetic way. I rate this film an eleven out of ten! Thanks to all who were a part of this film.”

—Erin H.

”I just finished watching. A lot of tears, and an amazing amount of respect for you and everyone involved. Letters From Generation Rx is going to open the world’s eyes. Thank you for this life-changing film.”

Angela McMinn Pretel

“This is such an important film. Such courage from the families. Take the time to watch. So well done. We need a new paradigm, as the current one isn’t helping enough people and clearly can cause harm.”

Julia Rucklidge