Juan’s success story: depression and anxiety

When he was in his 30s, Juan had his anxiety attack shortly after his father died. The anxiety persisted and was followed by depression and thoughts of suicide. His life fell apart as it became difficult for him to function. Conventional medicine offered little change. One day, Juan came across Truehope, and his life started to change.

My name is Juan Luis Martin. I’m 46 years old, married with two children, and I want to share my story so that people who suffer from some type of mental disorder may see a ray of hope in their painful illness.

My story begins 13 years ago, when I was 33 years old and a professional soldier. I began to show a series of symptoms which seemed to have no explanation. Above all, I was psychosomatic and experienced mental hyper-sensitivity. Two years later, my father died. Two months after his death, while I was sleeping, I suffered my first anxiety attack and had to be admitted to the hospital. At that time, I fell into a deep state of anxiety and depression that destroyed my life completely.

I won’t explain all the symptoms of my illness. Those who have the misfortune of being familiar with mental illness will know what they are. However, I will emphasize among all the symptoms the tremendous mental suffering, the anxiety, the sadness, and recurrent thoughts of suicide.

Due to the gravity of my condition, working became impossible. After being on medication for 2 years, I received a disability leave, but even this didn’t resolve the problem. My illness transformed me into the living dead. I took every type of psychiatric medication, each successively stronger and more toxic but also more useless. Still, my vitality and function stayed below 30%.

I don’t wish to over-generalize about psychotropic medications, but for me, these types of substances didn’t relieve me of my illness. They could be useful, perhaps, in the days immediately following a traumatic attack, but in the long run, they don’t cure. Furthermore, they seem to only eternalize the illness. I was blocked — incapable of facing my life and deprived of a myriad of emotions.

That’s how it was for the 11 years since my first anxiety attack. And still what was the medical diagnosis? Chronic depression. Finally, combining 225 mg of Venlafaxine (Effexor), 800 mg of Lithium, and 2 mg of Clonazepam per day, I experienced days where I felt I had recovered up to 40% of my vitality. Exasperated, my doctor proposed electroshock as a last resort.

Then the miracle occurred. While casually surfing the internet, I came across Truehope mentioned by a famous American doctor as a bipolar treatment on a psychiatrist’s page. In my desperation, this non-conventional treatment intrigued me, and without hesitation, I contacted the company.

I must say that I was skeptical, but my desperation won out. I asked myself which was worse: take vitamins and minerals or submit to electric shock. In view of the results, it is obvious which is better!

I faithfully followed the support staff in instructions given to me, reducing my medications as I increased the use of Truehope products. Within a month, I began to notice important changes in my symptoms and an increase of vitality. After 6 months, I was taking absolutely zero psychotropic medications! Yes, that’s right — none — even though it seems unbelievable.

I’m still taking the EMPowerplus. I suppose I’ll take this product in some quantity for the rest of my life as I don’t want my illness to return. I like to use approximated percentages to explain my illness instead of absolute cures. My vitality is stabilized between 85–90%. I feel positive emotions again and a zest for life. I don’t want to imply that this product is miraculous, but it provides the strength necessary to fight this type of terrible ailment and gives hope for recovery. It provides independence to walk the path of healing, as you become responsible for your own health. Everyone should launch into a new life beginning with the introduction of these vitamins.

Now I simply have the continued process of recovery before me with the help of EMPowerplus. Who knows if I’ll feel a vitality of 110% 6 months from now? Regardless, when I compare my current state with where I was 8 months ago, I’m satisfied.

I would encourage everyone who’s ill to try EMPowerplus. I am familiar with the product. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. I suppose the results vary from person to person, but I promise you that vitality you feel will double. Much the better if you’re also freed from the side effects of medications. Guaranteed, you’ll be significantly strengthened to face life head on.

I’ve returned to work. I practice natural medicine, and I monitor student transportation. However, the greatest benefit is that I have renewed feelings and emotions, I enjoy life, and neither I nor my family has been destroyed. I have to emphasize that this is not a magic remedy, but it’s extremely effective and dramatically surpasses the results of the psychiatric medications alone. At least this has been my experience after 11 years on medications. Each person should make their own choice and then follow the tried therapeutic protocol to ensure you don’t abandon the treatment for reasons of poor application.

I hope that my testimony will lighten someone’s life and give them the hope that EMPowerplus can restore many lives that have been destroyed by mental illness.

Juan Luis Martin