Joleen’s success story: depression

Joleen’s depression set in during grade 8. In grade 10, she contracted an infection that left her chronically ill and unable to complete her high school education. The darkness of depression and chronic illness took her to a state of utter desperation.

When prescribed medications failed to help her, Joleen turned to cutting herself and smoking marijuana “due to the short periods of happiness I’d feel after smoking it. I was living a lie.”

“I read about the Truehope program in a local newspaper; the family discussed the option. My Dad was already spending over $500 a month on antidepressants and prescriptions for all my other problems, so if this could solve both problems, for considerably cheaper, he was willing to go for it. The side effects couldn’t possibly be worse than those of the antidepressants: migraine, backache, twitching of my entire body, and ulcer like pain in the stomach.”

Joleen ‘s timely response to the supplement has changed her life. “Within weeks, I was almost cured! I could concentrate again. I quit cutting myself, and I could hold a job again!”

Joleen’s moods stabilized, and she is working towards finishing her education. Joleen hasn’t missed a day of work in over a year and now lives on her own. “These were things I only prayed and dreamed about doing a year and a half ago!”

Joleen continues using the supplement program, as her symptoms return when she forgets doses. She says “Life without EMPowerplus is unimaginable.”