Is Your Body’s Check Engine Light On?

If you own a vehicle, or really any piece of equipment that requires constant upkeep to continue functioning correctly, you know how important preventative maintenance is. You also know how easy it is to get behind on preventative maintenance, or to constantly kick the can down the road for another day.

Then it happens: a major problem–and one that probably could have been avoided with the preventative maintenance that you declined. It’s a frustrating situation all around, because now a smaller problem turned into a bigger problem, and with just a little bit of attention and care, it could have been avoided.

Now, you may be asking yourself, “what does this have to do with a health blog?”

Well, your body is the exact same way.

It’s Time For Some Preventative Maintainenance On Your Body

Just like we do with our cars, Americans tend to ignore the preventative maintenance needed on our bodies. Additionally, we tend to ignore the issues that we view as “small” until they become “big enough” problems to care about.

“I’ll start eating better after the holidays.”

“I’ll cut out drinking soda once the weekend is over with.”

We constantly kick the can down the road and then wonder why we have health issues pop up. It’s a vicious and unhealthy cycle, yet many people all over the world are stuck in it. So how can we get out of it?

First, it’s important to internally recognize the importance of “preventative maintenance” with your body. It won’t be until you are cognizant of and accept the importance of living a healthy life every single day that you actually stick to it.

Then, you need to develop a plan of action. Do an internal audit of your eating habits and lifestyle and pinpoint which items are not good for your mental and physical health, and replace them with healthier options.

Add an extra ten minutes to each of your walks this week. Swap out that soda for a glass of water. Get rid of the junk food in the house and stock up on fruits and vegetables for snacks.

It’s Time To Add In A Supplement

Vitamins, nutrients, and minerals are some of the most important items that our body needs, yet with a diet and lackluster nutrition even in the healthy foods that we eat, our bodies are starving for these.

That’s why it’s important to add a supplement to your “preventative maintenance” routine as well. Truehope EMPowerplus is a specially formulated vitamin, mineral, and amino acid supplement that includes 36 ingredients and is backed by 35 research studies.

And unlike store-bought supplements, EMPowerplus is effectively absorbed by your body (and not just passed through as waste) thanks to cutting-edge micronization technology, which reduces the ingredients to a size that the body can actually use. It’s time to keep up with the preventative maintenance on your body. Taking steps to live a healthier life and having a superhero sidekick like EMPowerplus will help make sure that the check engine light stays off as long as possible.