Iodine: You need it. You don’t produce it. So go get it.

Attention: “The salt used in processed foods, which is the major source of salt for most Americans, typically does not contain iodine.” 

Why is it important to consume iodine?

Why should you care about iodine, you ask? Simply put, iodine is an essential mineral, and your body doesn’t produce it. Since your body doesn’t make iodine, you must consume it; otherwise, your thyroid gland won’t function correctly. Since the thyroid gland “plays a major role in the metabolism, growth, and development of the human body,” you will feel the consequences of a low iodine intake. 

Whether through fish, seaweed, milk, yogurt, cheese, iodized salt, or supplements like Nascent Iodine Advanced, consuming the right amount of iodine is crucial to your body functioning at its highest level. “Don’t worry,” you say. “I eat tuna every Thursday and yogurt every Sunday morning. So I get the iodine I need for my thyroid gland to function best.” 

Unfortunately, you do need to worry because “the only place where iodine builds up is in your thyroid gland. Otherwise, your body excretes this essential nutrient within 24 hours.” These facts mean you must consume iodine daily.

Diets That Exclude Food Groups Threaten Your Iodine Intake

Health experts are highly concerned that as the trend of fad diets that exclude entire food groups known to include iodine (such as dairy and bread) increases, the amount of iodine consumed will not be enough for those dieters’ thyroid gland. This is where supplements come into the picture, but be advised that supplements are not created equal. 

There are plenty of supplements on the market that do not contain the correct amount of the vitamin or mineral they advertise. If you’re taking the time to purchase a supplement, take the time to look into the supplier of that supplement and the quality of their products. There is only one supplier with the most studied micronutrient in the world, EMPowerplus Advanced, and that is Truehope, which also produces one of the best iodine supplements on the market: Nascent Iodine Advanced.

Iodine Aids Your Body With Many Functions

This conversation on iodine is critical. Your body needs iodine for the following functions:

  • Thyroid System Functions: “Without enough thyroid hormones (T3 & T4), your thyroid gland will try to work overtime and enlarge. If this gland enlarges to a significant degree, a condition called goiter can occur.”
  • Neurological Functions: “Adequate thyroid levels support proper neurological development, and they prevent psychiatric conditions.”
  • Hair and Skin Functions: “Proper thyroid hormone levels help maintain your skin and hair health.”
  • Female Reproductive Functions: “Hypothyroidism while pregnant reduces birth weight, and it also increases the likelihood of stillbirth.”

You only have one body, so take care of it. Iodine is easy to consume, whether through food consumption or a drop of Nascent Iodine Advanced in your drink, so make an intention to do just that. 

Author: Evelyn Lindell
Certified Health & Wellness Coach