Iodine Purification Symptoms

When you begin your Truehope Nascent Iodine Protocol it is important that you start slowly, and gradually increase the Iodine as tolerated. If you go too quickly you may experience detoxification or purification symptoms while eliminating Bromide, Fluoride, and Chlorine. In some cases even though you have started very gradually on the Iodine you may still experience symptoms of detoxification that might cause some discomfort.

If this happens there is a solution. Iodine users often use the salt-loading protocol to clear bromide and many other detox symptoms. Salt has been used for over 100 years by physicians to clear bromide symptoms.

The Salt Loading Protocol is as follows:

  • ¼ tsp.* unprocessed, unrefined salt dissolved in ½ cup of warm water, then followed immediately with 12- 16 ounces of pure water.
  • Repeat in 30 – 45 minutes if needed and then once again, in order to start the urination process, where you are excreting a good amount of urine. The chloride in the salt flushes the bromine into the urine.

If this does not resolve the detoxification symptoms in a few days, then you may need to adjust the dosage of the Iodine.

Celtic Sea Salts, Himalayan Pink Crystal Salts, or Real Salt brand are good examples of this. You will generally find this type of raw salt at your local health food store.