How To Start Eating A More Nutrient-Dense Diet

When it comes to the foods that most Americans are eating, there’s a pretty simple way to describe them: energy-rich and nutrient-poor. You’ve probably heard the term “empty calories” before; that’s what the standard American diet is.

There’s no shortage of calorie intake in this country. In fact, the average American takes in over 3,600 calories each and every day–well above the recommended 2,000 or so depending on your sex and average activity level.

Along with consuming too many calories, though, people are also eating foods that have severely limited nutritional value. Instead of eating fresh fruits and vegetables for snacks, which at least have some nutritional value (although that continues to diminish as well) Americans are more likely to grab foods that basically only offer additional fats and sugar to their body.

When our body is starved of the nutrients it needs to thrive, health issues start to arise. Nutrient-dense foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals are extremely important not only for our overall well-being but also our mental health.

Tips To Start Consuming Healthier, Nutrient-Dense Foods

Transitioning to a more nutrient-dense diet is a decision that many Americans consciously know that they should probably make, but many have difficulty getting started. Here are some easy ways to start this process moving in the right direction.

  1. Got a sweet tooth? Opt for fruit – Instead of reaching into the candy or cookie jar when your sugar cravings are calling, grab one of your favorite fruits. Not only will the sugar you’re taking in be natural, but you’ll also actually get some vitamins and nutrients from the fruit.
  2. Integrate more vegetables into your cooking – This can be a fun way to make your meals different each time, too. There are always opportunities to add in some vegetables to your cooking, whether it be as a side dish or directly in the main course.
  3. Limit the processing – Typically, the more processing a food goes through, the more depleted of nutrition it becomes. This is especially true when it comes to bread and flour. For example, whole-grain bread is significantly better than white bread, just like brown rice is better for you than white rice.
  4. Stop drinking your calories – This isn’t an eating suggestion, but rather just a general health plea. There is no nutritional value in drinking soda whatsoever. Even fruit juice, which many people deem a healthy alternative, usually contains a bunch of added sugar.

As always, any food or lifestyle change starts with your mindset and commitment to living a healthier life. Today is a great day to get started on that journey and to start feeding your body and mind with the nutrients it needs to survive and thrive.

Adding in a vitamin and mineral supplement like Truehope EMPowerplus is also a great decision. Even though the nutrient density in our foods continues to diminish (even the healthy food), our body’s need for those vitamins and minerals doesn’t.

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