Holiday Goodies: Plan Ahead & Leave the Guilt at the Door

The holiday season summons two traditions that are better left alone: overconsumption and then guilt about that consumption.

Reign in Your Feasting & Toss the Guilt Out the Window.

Yes, your grandmother’s annual gingerbread cookies smell like Christmas and taste like heaven. Of course, your mother makes the perfect holiday sugar cookie and caramel apple pie. Never would you pass up Aunt Diane’s frozen apricot brandy slushies, Aunt Kathy’s homemade buckeyes, or Aunt Maryann’s triple-layer cookie bars.

An avalanche of health-chokehold-situations goes hand-in-hand with the holidays. The trick is to embrace the holidays while ensuring your health, mental and physical, doesn’t take a two-month nosedive for the umpteenth year in a row?

Solution: Simply ask yourself if the moment you want to jump off the healthy-choice-train is a photo-worthy moment.

Align Photo-Worthy Moments with Moments of Indulgence

Imagine you and your partner reach a monumental anniversary. You plan a trip, you book a flight, and you arrange for a sunset dinner. In this circumstance, you likely wouldn’t take a picture while you’re meeting with the babysitter to discuss your children’s routines. Nor are you likely to take a scrapbook-worthy photo while packing your suitcase and cleaning your kitchen. But is it possible you’ll take a picture while sitting at your two-months-in-advance arranged dinner? The answer to that last question is yes! If during the non-significant moments you make primarily healthy decisions, plenty of room remains to indulge during the photo-worthy moments of your life.

There are times when you can indulge completely guilt-free, and there are times when that indulgence is compounding to the point of regret. Life is not about restricting your food and drink at all times. Instead, aim to embrace your health and insert moments of indulgence thoughtfully so that you leave the guilt at the door when you do indulge. When you indulge sparingly, you do not need to fret and can enjoy that indulgence. One night of merriment doesn’t undo a lifestyle that embraces health. 

The Holidays’ Arrival is Not a Surprise

Set yourself up for a guilt-free holiday season. Consider healthy supplements, such as EMPowerplus Advanced, and never underestimate the power of water, protein, vegetables, and sleep. The holidays are not a surprise. You already know Thanksgiving is in November, and Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s Eve are in December. The holidays’ arrival times are not a secret, and this works to your advantage. You know what’s coming, so make healthy choices until the photo-worthy moments and memories arise– so you’ll be better able to enjoy those indulgences guilt-free.

Author: Evelyn Lindell
Health & Wellness Coach