Here’s Why We Should All Be Worried About Bone Health

Remember the Got Milk? advertising campaign that seemed to be everywhere in the mid- and late-90s? The iconic milk mustaches on famous athletes and celebrities will forever be remembered as one of the most effective ad spots for many people throughout the world.

The goal of Got Milk? was simple: to sell more milk. But in addition to being wildly effective, this advertising campaign also helped bring to light a very important topic: bone health.

With that being said, in 2022, we seem to have gotten away from thinking of the importance of bone health. Osteoporosis and other bone disorders are typically associated with the older population or (unfortunately) medical cases of younger people.

Not to mention, your bones need more than just the calcium in milk to stay strong.

Important Facts About Bone Health

Over 54 million people live with osteoporosis and low bone mass, and it’s estimated that among those 50 years and older, 50% of women and 25% of men will break a bone at some point due to those conditions.

So how can we prevent this?

In addition to calcium being an important part of bone health, Vitamin D is also important because it improves bone health by helping the body absorb calcium. Proper diet and regular exercise will also help strengthen bones.

If you have read our blog for any length of time, though, you know that proper diet isn’t something that is extremely common in this day and age.

Truehope BMD Advanced To The Rescue

When a body lives in a mineral deficient state for a long period of time, it starts robbing bones of minerals. Now, when you consider the fact that micronutrient deficiency affects two billion people worldwide, it’s easy to understand why osteoporosis rates continue to climb.

Our bodies aren’t getting the proper nutrition through diet, and while the effects aren’t seen immediately, they eventually do show up–like in the form of osteoporosis later in life. That’s why it’s important to give your body what it needs in its younger years to help prevent those issues in the future.

When you’re not getting proper nutrition from your diet, you still need to get the important vitamins and minerals to remain a healthy being. Adding a supplement like BMD Advanced gives your body what it needs to do just that.

BMD Advanced is a bone mineral developer that can not only help reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis but also assist in the correction of osteoporosis.It aids in the maintenance of healthy cartilage, teeth, and gums and can help prevent deficiencies of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, and Selenium as well.