Give Your Immune System A Much Needed Boost This Fall

Fall is officially here, bringing along with it the changing of the leaves on the trees along with some extreme temperature shifts from time to time. And although a mid-60s afternoon cooling off into the 30s at night might be pleasant for some people, it can also have some negative effects on our body and overall health.

Additionally, as winter gets closer and closer, the cooler temperatures and shorter days cause an increase in the time that many people spend indoors. This tends to also increase health risks and the chance of disease to spread.

The shorter days during this time of year also typicall result in less exercise, less vitamin D intake, and a circadian rhythm that is a bit out of wack, causing havoc to sleep schedules everywhere.

All of this together is the perfect storm for a weakened immune system.

A Natural Way To Strengthen Your Immune System

When most people hear about ways to strengthen their immune system, the first thing they typically think of is Vitamin C. We’ve kind of been conditioned to think of Vitamin C and the positive effects it has on our body in that way.

But what if I told you that there is a supplement out there that has 4 times the antioxidant capacity of Vitamin C?

Olive Leaf Extract has entered the conversation.

Olive Leaf Extract (or OLE) does more than just help your immune system, though. With it being a natural extract made directly from fresh olive leaves, OLE contains polyphenols such as oleuropein that have been shown to help with a range of health conditions such as heart disease, blood pressure, cholesterol, immune function, and diabetes.

It’s a win-win situation: not only are you helping out your immune system significantly by adding Olive Leaf Extract to your regimen, but also helping your body improve its overall health as well.