Give Your Gut What It Needs To Improve Your Mental Health

The connection between your brain and your gut is one of the most important in your entire body. Consider this: 95% of your serotonin is made in your gut, and your gut flora is connected to virtually every process that goes on within the body.

When imbalances occur within the gut flora, though, a plethora of health issues can arise, including compromised immune health, depression, other psychiatric disorders, as well as some of our deepest chronic health issues.

Yes, the gut is that important.

In a perfect world, the balance of bacteria within our gut would be achieved through diet, but unfortunately that isn’t the case for most people. The “normal” everyday food that many eat is usually deprived on any significant nutritional value, and even the “healthier” food available is declining on the nutrition scale.

Sometimes, the body needs some help in maintaining balance, and for many, the gut is one area that definitely needs some support.

Bring Balance To Your Gut With GreenBAC

Get the support that your gut needs with Truehope GreenBAC.

Each dose of Truehope GreenBAC contains billions of good bacteria as well as plenty of prebiotics. This prebiotic works as food for the probiotic, which, in turn, creates a healthy environment for the probiotics to flourish.

Truehope GreenBAC provides healing to the digestive system and restores balance to the bacteria in the gut, which is often robbed of good bacteria after the use of medications, especially antibiotics. This aids in restoring proper function to the enteric nervous system as well. This powerful combination of superfoods, combined with friendly bacteria, creates a powerful regulating effect on an unruly gut and helps promote and maintain good mental health and overall wellbeing.