Gayle’s success story: bipolar

Gayle has struggled with bipolar for over 20 years. Despite being on medication for much of that time, she still experience depression, hallucinations, and rages. EMPowerplus has given her a foundation of reality and wholeness of mind that she never knew existed.

My name is Gayle and I live in Pennsylvania, USA. I’ve been struggling with bipolar disorder for over 20 years.

For years, my symptoms were managed by Lithium and Risperdal. This kept me from repeated trips to the hospital. For most of those years, although on the previously stated medications, I struggled with deep depression, hallucinations, and rages, which were very destructive to me and my family. The medication I took for mania didn’t control the depression. My moods seemed to be influenced significantly by stress, diet, and the amount of sleep I’d get. I was never sure when my next trip to the hospital would be, nor would I know when the rages and hallucinations would sweep over me.

I’ve been taking Empowerplus since October 2000, and within a week of beginning the program, I began to feel totally different. Within 3 weeks, I was able to stop taking Lithium and Risperdal. I’ve since been totally free of any, and all, other medications for the treatment of bipolar. No longer will I have to concern myself with the long term side effects of using such drugs.

Today, I have a foundation of reality and wholeness of my mind that I never knew existed. In fact, after stabilizing on the supplements, I actually went through a grieving process for all that I lost due to my illness. I was able to recognize and comprehend all the years of detachment and fear that I experienced. I was able to own, for the first time, all the destruction that I had caused my loved ones from my disorder.

Until getting on this program, I didn’t have a reality that remained rooted. My reality was wrapped around my bipolar thinking and was, of course, abstract. Now, my thoughts are structured and level. I no longer experience the rapid and confused thought patterns, hallucinations, and random rages that made my life so unpredictable and difficult. I don’t experience any symptoms related to bipolar disorder and have not since starting Empowerplus.

Your product has given me back my life.