EMPowerplus and olive leaf extract to treat ADHD and depression

A New Zealand researcher recently published a case study in the Advances in Mind-Body Medicine journal regarding the effect EMPowerplus and olive leaf extract have together on ADHD and depression.

A 24-year-old woman participated in a 2010 study that measured the effect of EMPowerplus on people with ADHD following an earthquake in New Zealand. After 8 weeks on EMPowerplus, the woman “was no longer depressed, and her ADHD scores had fallen to within the normal-average range.” She maintained these results for the 4-month follow-up period, and symptom levels were relatively good over the following two years.

About 2.5 years following the study, the woman started having physical and emotional ailments (such as itchiness, runny nose, cramps, moodiness, irritability, and anhedonia). Suspecting a Candida infection, she started taking Truehope Olive Leaf Extract and GreenBAC.

After 1.5 weeks on this regime, all her new symptoms improved. After 2 months, she functioned similar to what she experienced during her trial. A 6-month follow up confirmed her positive gain had continued.

The researchers summed up the case study with this:

More research is required to assess OLE’s suitability as a primary intervention for Candida as well as to determine whether the use of OLE impacts directly on the presence of Candida, through sampling of both vaginal discharges and fecal matter. In light of this case, clinicians may find it helpful to be mindful of the gut-brain axis when using nutrients as a treatment for psychiatric symptoms.