How digestive issues affect EMPowerplus use

Digestive problems and bowel issues can be a source of concern and frustration for Truehope participants. If it’s not cramping and diarrhea, it’s cramping and constipation.

What causes these conditions? There are many factors, including diet, genetics, over-use of laxatives or diarrhea medication, or simply using many different types of prescription medications.

Whatever the cause, here are some suggestions to help you cope:


We have found that our calcium supplement, Truehope BMD, works extremely well for most types of diarrhea. Take 2 tablets 3 to 6 times daily on an empty stomach and drink plenty of water.

Some people also experience relief using digestive enzymes (found at your local health food store).

Eating foods like green bananas, cheddar cheese, peanut butter, mangoes, papayas, and applesauce can also help. Stay away from most dairy products (some cheese and yogurt can be tolerated), high fat foods, extremely high fibre foods (fibre can worsen diarrhea), and caffeinated beverages (coffee, tea, and colas). Always drink plenty of water.

Does having diarrhea reduce the effectiveness of EMPowerplus? Absolutely.

If you’re using EMPowerplus and you have consistent diarrhea, then much of what you’re taking is flushed out with the diarrhea. Your body cannot effectively use what it cannot keep in the digestive system. Controlling diarrhea will allow your body to properly absorb EMPowerplus.


Eat plenty of foods high in dietary fibre, such as whole grains, vegetables, fruit, nuts, and seeds. We have found that flax seeds and flax seed oil work particularly well for constipation.

Eating more foods high in fibre is the key to controlling constipation naturally. Download this informative document for more info on fibre and foods containing fibre.

Avoid the use of laxatives if possible. Over-use of laxatives can weaken the bowel and cause you to depend on their use.

As with diarrhea, constipation can also affect the proper absorption of EMPowerplus. Getting your constipation under control will allow EMPowerplus to work at its best.