Choline may be able to reduce anxiety levels

In 2009, Norwegian researchers published a study in theĀ The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition regarding the role that the essential nutrient choline plays in mental health.

Studying nearly 6000 subjects, researchers discovered that levels of choline were related to anxiety levels: those with lower choline levels had higher levels of anxiety, and those with higher choline levels had lower levels of anxiety.

This research is consistent with what Truehope customers have reported to us after they take our choline product. Customers who have takenĀ Phosphatidyl Choline, a phospholipid derived naturally from soy, reported that choline helps address effects of elevated mood, including being able to slow racing thoughts.

In addition, Phosphatidyl Choline contains no artificial preservatives, colour, or sweeteners, and it is free from corn, dairy, starch, wheat, and yeast.

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