Change Your Perspective on Aging By Changing Your Diet

September is Healthy Aging Month, and it focuses on the positive aspects of aging. In a world that often treats every new wrinkle and every grey hair as a valid reason to panic, it’s refreshing to hear aging embraced as the beautiful and wisdom-fueled journey that it is for so many–and can be for so many more.

Perspective, Mood, & Diet: Their Connection is Undeniable

Aging ushers in experiences, good and bad, that can heighten your perspective of yourself, others, and the world in general. 

Aging means you’re still here. 

Aging represents the presence of depth that couldn’t possibly have existed in your teenage years, so instead of wasting your time staring at pictures of your youth and comparing yourself to the photos on the magazines at the grocery store checkout line, focus on what you can do to age gracefully: embrace it!

Make no mistake about it, your perspective is tied to how you feel, and how you feel ties to how you fuel your body. If you want to own a healthy perspective on aging, consider fueling your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs so your perspective has the best chance of shifting from one of longing for something you had or will never have to one of gratefulness for what you do have and can have. 

Vitamins & Minerals: Keys to a Positive Perspective on Aging

Fueling your body is all about giving your body the nutrients it needs to best function. You’d never give a builder a child’s plastic toolbox and say, “I expect a house to be built quickly and well with these.” You’d never tell a baker, “I know you asked me for flour, but I’m sure cornstarch will substitute in the recipe just fine.” 

And yet, you may give your body an avalanche of processed foods, sugar, and a list of ingredients that you can’t even pronounce and expect it to perform as it does those who drink 8 glasses of water a day, fill their plates with an array of vegetables, take nutritional supplements like EMPowerplus Advanced, and always say “grilled” instead of “fried.”

How to age with grace instead of tears is not mystifying. How to look at laugh lines as signs of happiness and scars, literal and figurative, as the places where your depth is found is not a secret. 

If you want to improve how you feel about yourself, at any age, start with how you fuel your body. Give your perspective and mood the best chances of becoming and remaining optimistic about aging by embracing what you can change– your diet. Fuel your gut in a healthy way, and you fuel your brain in a healthy way. It really is that simple.

Author: Evelyn Lindell
Certified Health & Wellness Coach