Can EMPowerplus help adults with ADHD?

In December 2011, The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicinepublished the results of an open-label pilot study conducted by University of Canterbury’s Julia Rucklidge.

Dr. Rucklidge and her colleagues tested 14 adults with ADHD on memory (using the Wide Range Assessment of Memory and Learning) and executive functioning (using the Delis–Kaplan Executive Functioning System and Conners Continuous Performance Test). They tested them at the start of the eight-week trial and tested them at the end of the trial, during which time they had consumed EMPowerplus.

The researchers did the same thing for a group of adults who did not have ADHD and did not recieve EMPowerplus. This group was controlled for age and gender.

Researchers noted significant improvement in the ADHD group in verbal learning, verbal cognitive flexibility and fluency, and verbal inhibition. They reported the improvements were large and consistent with what they would see in those with improved psychiatric functioning.

The control group saw no significant improvement.

You can read the abstract here.

This is very encouraging. The body of research supporting EMPowerplus keeps growing.