8 people share how EMPowerplus changed their lives

Having been in business for over 20 years, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people find happiness, hope, and healing, including those who have mental health challenges.

Here are just 8 of the many stories from participants who are convinced that EMPowerplus changed their lives.

My world is once again stable and whole.

“My future seems bright and I love life again! Today, after 17 months on Truehope’s EMPowerplus Advanced, I feel incredible, fortunate, and blessed to have found a natural way to heal my emotional and physical life. I have regained my sense of humor. I feel calm and centered.”

—Anne K.
Truehope participant since 2007

EMPowerplus helped our son in many ways.

“We now tell anyone and everyone about our success! First and foremost, our son is happy. It’s been so long since we’ve seen him happy. This truly is one of the many great benefits of EMPowerplus Advanced. We have seen so much improvement in our son over the last 6 months that it’s hard to tell of each and every success. But you should know that [our son] was picked as student of the month for May for the student who demonstrated the most improvement.”

—Al and Lynda P.
Truehope participants since 2003

EMPowerplus gave me back my health and life.

“My life was not a life. For many of those years, I have little or no memory other than pain, both mental and physical — no memory of time with my 3 children or time with my husband. I began taking EMPowerplus Advanced vitamin and mineral supplement. With supervision, I weaned off of the drug-cocktail over several months and by continuing with the EMPowerplus Advanced supplement, my mental and physical health improved rapidly and beyond belief.”

Truehope participant since 2001

Within a month, I noticed a difference in how I thought and felt.

“I feel awesome. The second best thing that could happen to me, besides Truehope, is to know that my story could help someone who’s going through what I went through. Please don’t waste any more valuable time, like I did, thinking this won’t work for you, because trust me it does. And the best part is, I can take care of my family and myself. I’m enjoying life, my life and the people in it, once again. I am blessed to be here with my loved ones and I am thankful for that every day.”

Truehope participant since 2006

My son’s violence and mood swings are gone.

“The violent rages are no longer. The defiant behavior is gone. The mood swings are a thing of the past. The depression has been lifted. The anxiety has been forgotten. The bizarre behavior is no more. He’s no longer this hyper, manic child that bounces from wall to wall. And the absolute best part: he sleeps! It’s a miracle straight from God!

“Since the day my 6-year-old son started the EMPowerplus Advanced vitamins from Truehope, our lives have changed in ways that are unimaginable. He has been 100% mainstreamed with a general education first grade class. As of November 2006, he no longer qualifies for Behavioral Services. The “emotionally disturbed” coding has been deleted. And he has made the A Honor Roll all year. He’s on grade level or above grade level in every subject. This, to me, is amazing, considering the chaos he was dealing with his first two years of school.

Truehope participant since 2006

The next day, I woke with a calmness I’d never known.

My journey toward mental wellness began 12 February 2003 with 3 EMPowerplus Advanced capsules. The next day, I woke with a feeling of calm I have never before known.

After 4 months on the program, I was able to get and keep a part-time job, and after a year, started my own business. The micronutrients [in EMPowerplus Advanced] have literally given me a new life.

—Deborah F.
Truehope participant since 2003

One of the best decisions I have ever made.

“If you want a change for the better and control of your life again, get in touch with Truehope and just be ready to write your success story soon thereafter!

“This is a little story, a true story, about someone who’s back on track, and you could be too. After running out of meds and no insurance to cover the cost, I called Truehope. One of the best decisions I have ever made! Ever! I have my life back with, get this, no side effects. Now with a clear mind, I can make better decisions and better choices. I have a more positive attitude towards life and a lot more patience.”

—Jose D.
Truehope participant since 2006

I am now nearly symptom free.

“About 2.5 years ago [after starting EMPowerplus Advanced], I felt whole, happy and complete for the first time in 23 years. I’m full of energy and vitality, and I feel I can take on the world where I once hid from life. I feel that nutritional support has not changed my life, but saved my life. About 10 months ago I started taking Coenzyme Q10, which really finely tuned me, and omega 3s, which I know are essential for mental health. I now sleep 8 hours a night and eat regularly, and I function throughout the day.”

—Kim N.
Truehope participant since 2004

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