5 people whose lives have changed because of Truehope

From time to time, we receive testimonials from our valued participants sharing with us how our products and programs have been making a difference in their lives. Here are just 5:

“I am now living happier than ever and have nothing but excitement for my future. Things just get better every month on the EMPowerplus Advanced program. I would never have been in this place in my life had it not been for Truehope and all the very special people there who have nothing but love in their heart and a relentless desire to see me get well. They never gave up on me. How do you thank someone for such a selfless act? I guess beyond a sincere thank you, the best way is to make my life count and be the best person I can be. Thank you so much Truehope. Thank you for giving me the chance to pull my life out of the darkness.”

—Andy C.

“First and foremost, our son is happy. It has been so long since we’ve seen him happy. This truly is one of the many great benefits of EMPowerplus Advanced. We have seen so much improvement in our son over the last six months that it is hard to tell of each and every success. But you should know that [our son] was picked as student of the month for the student that demonstrated the most improvement.”

—Al and Lynda P.

“My life was not a life. For many of those years, I have little or no memory other than pain — both mental and physical — no memory of time with my three children or time with my husband. I began taking EMPowerplus Advanced vitamin and mineral supplement. With supervision, I weaned off of the drug-cocktail over several months, and by continuing with the EMPowerplus Advanced supplement, my mental and physical health improved rapidly and beyond belief.”


“It has been six years since I started taking the micronutrient treatment and I have only been hospitalized once briefly, during an exceptionally stressful period of time. I work hard to keep my life balanced, to take good care of myself, to take my EMPowerplus Advanced every day. There is no miracle cure — staying well requires consistent effort, and self awareness — but the Truehope program is as close as you can get to a miracle!”

—Kristy R.

“I have now been taking the vitamins for about a year and nine months, and I feel awesome. The second best thing that could happen to me, besides Truehope, is to know that my story could help someone that is going through what I went through. Please don’t waste any more valuable time, like I did, thinking this will not work for you, because trust me it does. And the best part is, I am able to take care of my family and myself. I am enjoying life, my life and the people in it, once again. I am blessed to be here with my loved ones and I am thankful for that everyday.”


Would you like to enjoy your life again, as Vicki has?  Or improve your mental and physical health rapidly and beyond belief, as Sabine has.Try EMPowerplus, an all-natural and safe combination of 36 vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids designed to support mental and physical well being.