5 bipolar success stories: nutrition and mental health

Having been in business for over 20 years, we’ve helped tens of thousands of people find happiness, hope, and healing.

The first Truehope participants had bipolar disorder, so it isn’t that surprising that we have so many success stories from others who have bipolar.

Here are just 5 stories from participants with bipolar. Read how EMPowerplus changed their lives, and see if any of it sounds familiar to you.

1. Joann

Joann has lived with bipolar her entire life, although she wasn’t diagnosed until she was in her 30s. She tried medication after medication, but could never find the right treatment that could control her episodes without making her gain weight or erasing her personality.

One day, she came across the Truehope documentary on the Discovery Channel. Although she was skeptical at first, the doctor testimonials prompted her to give it a try. She didn’t notice a change overnight, but she did notice some improvement right away, convincing her to keep at it.

Today, her personality is back, her relationship with her son is closer, she can finally hold down a real job, and her quality of life is better than ever.

2. Meredith

Meredith was diagnosed with bipolar when she was 19, and she was put on a cocktail of medication immediately. She stopped taking her medication as soon as she became pregnant, but after her daughter was born and she stopped nursing, she became unstable and started on the medication again. The numbness the medication implemented inspired another way, and she eventually found EMPowerplus, which changed here life.

3. Kristy

Kristy had been dealing with the challenges of bipolar for many years, often to the point where taking her own life seemed like only source of relief. After running out of solutions, her doctor finally approved the use of EMPowerplus because he had nothing else to offer her. And in her own words, “Did it ever deliver!”

4. Peter

After taking EMPowerplus for a little over a year, Peter no longer had manic or depressive episodes, and he had discontinued all psychiatric medication, including lithium and sleeping medications. He kept feeling better and better, particularly more and more relaxed.

5. Shannon

Shannon was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and had struggled for years on medication, but within days on EMPowerplus, started noticing positive change. Today, Shannon is finally enjoying life, having fun, getting out and doing things.

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