4 ways to prevent parcel theft

All over social media, we’re seeing video after video of innocent homeowners having packages stolen right from their front door.

We know how critical your Truehope orders are to your mental and physical health.

We want to make sure that your packages are protected, and that you can always receive the package we send.

Since we see parcel theft becoming a significant issue from our loyal customers, we wanted to highlight 4 things you can do to reduce the risk of parcel theft happening to you.

1. Be home

If you’re tracking the movement of your package, try to anticipate the date of deliverY and attempt to arrange being home when it arrives.

2. Deliver to secure location

If you can’t be home, make sure that when the delivery person drops off your package that there will be a secure location where they can leave it.

If you have no such location, try rerouting it to a family member, neighbour, or close friend.

3. Ask for a signature upon delivery

This is related to number 1. If you’re home, you can sign for the delivery. That being said, if you’re not home, the delivery person should hold on to it and leave a notice with pick up instructions on it.

4. Make sure your address is correct

When you place your order, make sure your address is correct. Remember to include an apartment or suite number, if applicable. If you live in a basement suite, note that.

If your address is incorrect, and the package gets delivered to the wrong address, you are at the mercy of the generosity of strangers. Don’t take that risk.

While we’re at it, remember not to let your packages stay in the sun for extended periods, particularly as the weather warms up. Too much heat can damage Truehope products, negatively affecting their effectiveness.