3 reasons you may need an amino acid supplement

Amino acids are the building blocks of life. We use them every day to build tissues (such as muscles) and to create hormones and neurotransmitters.

Our body needs 20 amino acids to grow and function properly, 11 of which we can produce on our own. The 9 amino acids we can’t produce are called essential amino acids and must come from our diet. Typically, the 9 essential amino acids are best acquired from animal sources (such as meat, eggs, and dairy), but with some careful planning, even vegetarians can easily consume all essential amino acids.

Now, even though your body can normally produce the 11 non-essential amino acids, there may be situations where it can’t do it effectively, such as the following 3 situations:

  1. If you’re ill (or recovering from an illness)
  2. If your diet is poor or lacks good sources of amino acids
  3. If you have digestive issues

Even if you have no health issues and you eat a balanced diet of whole foods, it may be a good idea to supplement with high quality amino acids anyhow.

Truehope AminoPower Advanced is a specially formulated blend of 23 free-form amino acids and 7 vitamins. Free-form amino acids aren’t combined with other amino acids in a usual protein chain. Compared to obtaining amino acids through digesting food, using free-form amino acids allows you to bypass the typical digestion process, resulting in rapid absorption and higher blood concentrations of the amino acids.

Taking a high-quality amino acid formula, such as AminoPower Advanced, ensures that your body has a sufficient supply of the amino acids it needs to build tissue, produce hormones, and regulate our mental health.

Plus, including a broad spectrum, free-form amino acid formula, such as AminoPower Advanced, when transitioning from medication to EMPowerplus Advanced may help you mitigate withdrawal effects.

And having fewer withdrawal effects means a more comfortable experience for you all around.