3 Healthy Foods To Help You Fight Seasonal Depression

Shorter days. Less sunlight. Not quite feeling yourself.

That’s what happens during the winter months for many people, and it’s common for most that experience it to write it off as the “winter blues.” But for millions of people each year, it goes deeper than that: they actually deal with a bout of depression during the season changes.

Seasonal depression, sometimes known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (or SAD), affects over 10 million people each year, with an estimated 25 million more having a milder case of the “winter blues.”

Scientists have pinpointed the root cause of seasonal depression, as well as most mental and emotional disorders, to nutritional deficiencies. The lack of sunlight also plays a big part in rates of seasonal depression–countries with year-round sunshine have lower rates of SAD–but so does the food that people eat. Thankfully, though, that means that there are some foods that you can consume to help fight off seasonal depression.

Foods To Eat To Help Tame Your Seasonal Depression

  1. Salmon – It’s packed full of omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin D, both of which are great for brain health, and the Vitamin B12 in salmon is important for your body to maintain healthy nerves and blood vessels.
  2. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables – Yes, this is an all-encompassing category, but despite many of us knowing how good fresh fruits and vegetables are for our bodies, most still choose to stick to the highly processed American diet (70% of a typical American’s diet is “highly-processed”). Fruits and vegetables are a great source of the vitamins and nutrients our body needs to flourish.
  3. Meat-Based Protein – A study published in 2016 found that vegetarians in Finland were four times more likely to be affected by seasonal depression, while those in the Netherlands were three times more likely. Some researchers hypothesized that the lack of Vitamin B12 from animal foods may be the reason for this.

Of course, preparing and eating a proper diet will always go hand-in-hand with your mental health; the connection between your gut health and your brain health is more significant than you probably realize. A healthy gut-brain connection is a crucial component of a thriving physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

In order to get your gut health in check, consider adding a supplement such as Truehope GreenBAC, a pre- and probiotic blend that supports a healthy gut and contains billions of beneficial bacteria as well as botanicals, algaes, enzymes, and other nutrient-rich ingredients.

Plus, when GreenBAC is paired with EMPowerPlus Advanced–which gives your body a specially formulated balance of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids–seasonal depression will have a very hard time rearing its ugly head throughout the year.