10 things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving

Last fall, Psychology Today posted an article outlining 10 things to be thankful for. Given that today is Thanksgiving, we thought we should reproduce that list for you here. So while you are digesting your turkey and fixings, alone or with family, keep these things in mind to give you perspective.

  1. Be thankful for growing older.
  2. Be thankful that you can read these words.
  3. If you have to wait in line at the supermarket for your Thanksgiving dinner, be thankful that you can afford what you want to eat and have a convenient place to buy it.
  4. Be thankful for the ability to pay your bills, even if it means that you have to give up some things that you want.
  5. If you have to get up before dawn to get to work, be thankful that you get to see another sunrise and have a job to go to.
  6. When you’re stuck in traffic, be thankful you have a car to get where you need to go and money to buy gas.
  7. When the kids are screaming at each other, be thankful that you have children to love and who love you, and remember that at least some of the time, they do get along.
  8. When your mate is acting grumpy or giving you a hard time, be thankful for having love in your life and someone to grow old with.
  9. When your parents are telling you how to run your life, be thankful that you still have them around.
  10. When you sit down with your loved ones for your Thanksgiving dinner, be thankful for everyone and everything that makes it possible.

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