Meredith’s success story: bipolar

Meredith was diagnosed with bipolar when she was 19, and she was put on a cocktail of medication immediately. She stopped taking her medication as soon as she became pregnant, but after her daughter was born and she stopped nursing, she became unstable and started on the medication again. The numbness the medication implemented inspired another way, and she eventually found EMPowerplus, which changed here life.

The best gift that I could give my child was a future with a healthy mom. I’m the mother of two beautiful girls: Kya who is almost three and Kathryn (Kate) who is three and a half months.

When I was 19, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Shortly after this discovery, I can remember crying to a close friend of mine that I didn’t want to pass this “thing” onto my children—when or if I decided to have any. My biggest fear was that they would end up scared and lost like I was. I went through the cocktail of medications that doctors prescribe to mask the disorder.

It wasn’t long after I quit taking my prescribed Effexor that I became pregnant with Kya. My doctor was concerned about me taking medication while being pregnant so I went un-medicated for my entire pregnancy and nine months of nursing. I became unstable after I finished nursing and restarted the Effexor. I couldn’t stand the feeling of numbness that the medicine evoked.

When I was ready to quit and try another course of treatment, I found EMPowerplus. I couldn’t believe the amazing transformation in my life. I felt like a whole person, able to care for my child and hold down a full-time job. I started Kya on the micronutrient treatments shortly after her first birthday. I wanted to safeguard her from the effects of being bipolar, whether or not she develops the disorder.

After we had Kya, and I experienced my set back, my husband and I were nervous about having another child. It was decided that since I could maintain my stability on EMPowerplus and there were no side effects to the child from the micronutrient treatment, we would try for another baby. Kathryn Lillian was born on June 15. She was beautiful and perfect in every way, more so because we didn’t know whether she would come to be with my being bipolar. I am truly blessed to have her in my life. Kate has been off the chart since in the womb. My doctor was impressed with my blood work during pregnancy.

When I was pregnant with Kya, I was extremely anaemic (deficient in iron). I had to take numerous iron supplements to maintain a healthy level. Being pregnant and on EMPowerplus my levels were excellent. Kate was calm and alert from the moment she took her first breath. I cannot get over how attentive and verbal she is for someone so young. She has slept through the night since she was five weeks old and plays with her sister and me most of the day.

To say that she is amazing is an understatement in this proud parent’s eyes. I plan to continue giving Kate the micronutrient treatment like her sister after I finish nursing. She deserves the best chance out there of conquering the effects of this disease. The quality of life that EMPowerplus has granted my family cannot be adequately expressed in words.

I am grateful for my children, but more so I am grateful that I can care for them and be a healthy, happy, functioning mom.

—Meredith S.