Joann’s success story: bipolar

Joann has lived with bipolar her entire life, although she wasn’t diagnosed until she was in her 30s. She tried medication after medication, but could never find the right treatment that could control her episodes without making her gain weight or erasing her personality.

One day, she came across the Truehope documentary on the Discovery Channel. Although she was skeptical at first, the doctor testimonials prompted her to give it a try. She didn’t notice a change overnight, but she did notice some improvement right away, convincing her to keep at it.

Today, her personality is back, her relationship with her son is closer, she can finally hold down a real job, and her quality of life is better than ever.

Read her story in her own words:

I am 50 years old, and I have suffered from bipolar symptoms my entire life. I didn’t even realize that I was bipolar until I was 32, when I had a severe breakdown—I thought I was truly insane.

My husband, at the time, took me to the hospital, not knowing what was wrong. The doctor suspected that I was suffering from severe depression and sent me to see a psychiatrist. I was diagnosed as being bipolar and prescribed what they thought to be the right medications.

He prescribed Prozac for me to take during the day and another expensive medication to take at night. He never told me about the long-term effects that they could have on my body. (I had to do my own research to obtain that information.)

I didn’t like taking the medications he prescribed; although they kept me from having any more episodes. They made me gain a lot of weight, and I felt like my real personality couldn’t come through. My humor and quick wit seemed to be gone.

I quit taking the medications and shortly thereafter started suffering from severe mood swings again. I went back to the doctor and was prescribed different medications. I felt like my real personality was gone again, and I still continued to gained weight.

I felt like I was between a rock and a hard place. I hated my appearance and missed my true personality. I went through years of taking different medications, then throwing them away. One day, I just decided I wasn’t taking anymore prescribed medications at all. I just dealt with being bipolar.

It affected my work and my relationships. In fact, over a period, I had nearly destroyed my life. I was really out of control. The person I believe I hurt the most was my son. I didn’t know what to do, short of taking myself off of this earth, and I couldn’t do that because I was the only parent my son had.

One day, I happened to have my television on and was half paying attention to a Discovery show. The topic of the show was about the Truehope foundation. My first thought was, “Right, just another way to spend my money on something else that isn’t going to work.” However, it got my attention when I heard the doctors who were on the show talking about how the product worked.

I was at a point in my life where I was willing to try anything, and I decided to place an order with Truehope. When I first started taking EMPowerplus, it wasn’t an overnight cure, but I noticed I wasn’t suffering from any more mental fogs—where I couldn’t think clearly—like I had in the past. I continued to have slight mood changes, where I was up and then I was down. But I did notice that the mood swings I was having grew less and less severe. The longer I continued to take EMPowerplus, the better I got. Now, there are no more mood swings of being up for a few days and then sinking so low that I want to walk in front of a bus.

I’ve been taking EMPowerplus for 6 years, and I never want to be without it. I am finally the person I’ve always wanted to be. My true personality is back. I and my son have bonded—we have become truly close—and I have a wonderful job that I continue to excel at. (I couldn’t even keep a job, for any period of time, before finding Truehope.)

I truly can’t imagine having a better quality of life than what I have right now. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank Truehope, and its founders, for giving me that gift.

Thank you, Truehope,

—Joann C.