Damon’s success story: bipolar

Damon shares the story of his wife Shannon, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She had struggled for years on medication, but within days on EMPowerplus, started noticing positive change. Today, Shannon is finally enjoying life, having fun, getting out and doing things.

My wife Shannon was prescribed—and struggled for years—on medications, which are typically just given to patients by psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists alike, who are trying to help those with bipolar disorder, like Shannon. Then I found the Truehope website.

I began to read the story of the product development for EMPowerplus, as well as the success stories, and just thoroughly engulfed myself in the website and the product.

I made the call, told them about Shannon, and a couple of days later, Shannon was on the phone with Truehope Support. We ordered the product, the product came, and between the introduction of the new product to her body and cleansing and removing the build-up of prescribed meds from so many years of abuse, within days, I started to notice a change: mood, attitude, energy.

It was almost as if I had remarried, without going through the divorce, and finding a new woman or, maybe it was, that the Shannon that everyone was suppose to have known, all the years she had abused the prescribed meds, was finally coming out.

Now, almost 4 years of taking EMPowerplus (3 of our children take it, too, as they seemed to, in succession, started showing signs of moodiness, depression and anxiety. Rather than take a chance we had them start taking it, too; we didn’t want them going down that same road as Shannon.), Shannon is finally enjoying life, having fun, getting out and doing things. Don’t get me wrong, she has her bad days—as we all do, even those of us that aren’t bipolar—but they are nowhere near the bad days she had when she was taking the prescription meds, where on occasion she would pass out, or just be barely functioning and walking around in a cloud.

Now, with EMPowerplus she is focused, clear headed, goal oriented, and on most days vivacious and energetic, for the most part loving, living, and enjoying life again.