“A Promise of Hope”: The unlikely beginnings of Truehope

Some children inherit “the family nose.” Autumn Stringam and her brother, Joseph, inherited the family bipolar disorder, a severe mood disorder that led to their mother’s and grandfather’s suicides.

Autumn, at 22, was psychotic and in a psychiatric hospital on suicide watch; Joseph, at 15, was prone to violent episodes so terrifying, the family feared for their lives. But after they began taking an all-natural nutritional supplement of 36 vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids, Autumn’s and Joseph’s symptoms disappeared.

Today they both lead normal, productive lives.

A Promise of Hope is the personal story of Autumn Stringam’s flight from madness to wellness, all due to the vitamin and mineral supplement that works on the premise that some forms of mental illness are caused by nutritional deficiencies.

An honest book that exposes the hidden torment of bipolar disorder, A Promise of Hope is the story of a daughter seeking to forgive her mother. It’s also an astonishing scientific account that moves from a kitchen table in Alberta to the treatment offices of a distinguished Harvard psychiatrist and into the labs of a skeptical medical establishment. It climaxes in a bitter—but eventually triumphant—battle with Health Canada, in which the tiny supplement company is exonerated and praised for saving the lives of thousands of Canadians previously thought lost to mental illness.

More than anything, A Promise of Hope is a powerful story and a call for a new understanding of the causes of mental illness and its treatments.

Watch truehope.com for soon-to-be-released details on how to get your copy of A Promise of Hope! In the meantime, you can access it on Amazon.

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