Natalie’s success story: schizophrenia

Natalie and I wanted to share our story in the hopes it may help other families from the heartache, and hopeless feelings of despair when one is suffering from a disorder of the brain.

From December 2016 to February 2017, at the age of 19, my sweetheart of a daughter, Natalie was admitted into 4 different hospitals and placed on various psychiatric medications: Depakote, 10 mg; Geodon, 20 mg; Seroquel, 50 mg; Ativan, 1 mg; and Zyprexa, 20 mg.

Each hospital admittance was preceded with emergency room visits, requiring sedations when necessary. It became an unbelievable experience of what was happening with our daughter. We didn’t know where to turn with a diagnosis of schizophrenia.

As I kept a diary of all visits to the hospital and conversations with doctors, I became focused on finding the answer for my daughter.

During Natalie’s final stay at Geauga Hospital, I came across a video on YouTube explaining the story of Tony Stephan, the founder and formulator of EMPowerplus, a product I knew would be the solution for my daughter. Reading the studies, researching how the brain works, and understanding neurotransmitters and nutritional deficiencies of the body and brain, I was convinced I found the answer.

In the meantime, I started building a network of support to get us to the ultimate goal – optimized brain and body health for Natalie. I reached out to Truehope and was connected with a woman of knowledge who was my mentor and ultimate expert explaining to me how EMPowerplus works and what makes it unlike any other supplement on the market. I quickly learned this was no ordinary supplement.

Additionally, I connected with a psychiatrist in my local area who was willing to be a part of my team — a doctor who was on board to follow the wishes of the patient and her mother.

When Natalie came home from the hospital in February, it was a bumpy road.

She was very agitated and upset with me, her dad, and her brother and sister. She came home with a prescription of Zyprexa, 20 mg to be taken daily. She was feeling dull, no energy, gaining weight, low self-esteem, and extremely introverted. To get her out of the house to do things was very difficult.

We started her on Truehope amino acids and waited 6 weeks before we could introduce EMPowerplus to her daily routine. We first had to get her to a point of stabilization before the introduction of micronutrients. Early April, Natalie started EMPowerplus, with 2 capsules daily. Gradually, her dosage increased in addition to multiple co-factoring supplements (phosphatidyl choline, choline bitartrate, vitamin D3, wild caught / non-GMO salmon oil, probiotics, digestive enzymes, iodine, whey protein isolate, melatonin, and inositol).

In addition to following everything the staff at True Hope advised me to do, Natalie was good with going on a plant-based diet, with incremental amounts of eggs. It’s worth noting that a plant-based diet in our home is very popular.

Back in 2013, I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma (breast cancer), and I chose to not have surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, or pharmaceuticals. I began my quest to research the power of nutrition to heal the body. When I succeeded at healing my body from cancer, it only made the case even stronger to believe my daughter can heal from her illness just the same. That predisposition served us well in many areas.

As the weeks turned to months, Natalie increased  her dosage of EMPowerplus up to a therapeutic dose of 10 capsules a day. It was around mid-May that I started noticing a difference in Natalie.

She became less introverted, wanted to get out and meet people. She wanted to start working again. This was a huge step considering the job losses she had from the illness. Natalie started laughing more, became more coherent, and the forgetfulness gradually started to improve. Her brother and sister also noticed a significant improvement, and her older sister described it as “I got my sister back.” As Natalie’s symptoms started improving, we started to decrease the dosage of Zyprexa. This was a slow and gradual process. Natalie was completely off Zyprexa as of 7 December 2017. With each reduction Natalie had, the symptoms were seamless: no withdrawal effects whatsoever.

Today, Natalie continues to do well. If something doesn’t go right, she doesn’t blow up, nor is she agitated. She is the loveable, sweet daughter I always knew I had.

To any mother, father, child, or senior who is experiencing brain health issues, I urge you to give Truehope a chance and stick to the professional advice the staff provides. If it weren’t for the caring, knowledgeable people in Canada, I would be lost. My daughter would be a victim of a medical system I lost faith in, and the outcome would have been much worse.

My daughter did not have a mental illness. My daughter had a nutritional deficiency, nothing more. It concluded what I learned with my own cancer diagnosis: the foods we eat today are simply not enough to give the brain the essential nutrition it needs daily. When we started replenishing her body with the deficiencies it cried for, her health was restored.

Thank you, Truehope. Thank you, Tony Stephan. And thank you, Teresa Kolpak. You saved my daughter’s life, and I will always be grateful. I now spend my time as a health coach helping others going through the same thing.


Theresa DiNallo