Ancient Egyptians, Moroccan Medicine, Mediterranean Diet, James Bond, & You ~ Understanding the Connection is Critical to Your Best Health

What did Ancient Egyptians claim is a “symbol of heavenly power”?
What is consumed to “stabilize blood sugar and control diabetes” in traditional Moroccan medicine?

What does Healthline credit as “a natural source of wellness with therapeutic properties” that are:

  • Gastroprotective- protects the digestive system
  • Neuroprotective- protects the central nervous system
  • Antimicrobial- inhibits microorganism growth
  • Anticancer- reduces the risk of cancer
  • Anti-inflammatory- reduces the risk of inflammation
  • Antinociceptive- reduces pain stimuli
  • Antioxidant- prevents oxidation or cell damage

The answer to the above questions is the olive leaf and olive leaf extract.

For years now, I’ve heard the conversations and read the research that praises the Mediterranean diet. According to the Mayo Clinic, the Mediterranean diet first attracted the spotlight in the 1960s when research revealed fewer coronary heart disease deaths in Mediterranean countries, such as Italy and Greece, than in the United States and northern Europe. The decades that followed provided more research that pushed the Mediterranean diet toward the top of many cardiologists’ list of recommended heart-healthy diets. One such cardiologist is Dr. Leslie Cho, an interventional cardiologist who specializes in prevention. Dr. Cho praises the Mediterranean diet because it’s been found to lower the risk of heart attack, stroke, and bad cholesterol.

Given the fact that a “traditional Mediterranean-style diet calls for eating about 8-10 olives or ingesting 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil” each day, the connection between the hailed Mediterranean diet and olives starts to become clear. But have no fear if the sight of olives doesn’t make your heart pitter-patter or your tastebuds ignite. Olive leaf extract, such as Truehope’s Olive Leaf Extract or simply OLE, is available in capsule form. Olive leaf extract is said to have almost double the antioxidants as green tea extract and four times the antioxidant capacity as Vitamin C. With these statistics, no wonder OLE is flocked to by those who want to naturally strengthen their immune system, bowel function, cardiovascular health, and reduce blood pressure.

One thing is for sure, olives serve more of a purpose than to merely spruce up martinis and tacos. Even James Bond respects a good use of an olive but of course, in his case, he’s more concerned with whether or not they’re part of a drink that’s been “shaken, not stirred” and less concerned about health benefits. Here’s the great news for every person reading this, you are now officially smarter than James Bond. Bond and all his 007 brilliance did not know what you do now, which is that olives, specifically olive leaf extract, is a miracle drug from mother nature that’s safe, natural, and proven to have phenomenal benefits. It seems Shubham Choudhary’s words were right, “good things come in small packages.”

Author: Evelyn Lindell
Certified Health & Wellness Coach